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Condition and Rarity Ratings

We rate the condition of all our pre loved figures for sale on a scale of 1 to 10. The descriptions below give an indication of how we arrive at a particular condition rating. The vast majority of our stock is rated 7 or 8, i.e. very usable with minimal wear.

10. Excellent +  100% Like new. Never played with. Includes original tag - maybe minor wear to tag or box.
9. Excellent Like new. Never played with, does not include original tag. 
8. Great +  Barely played with. one or two small marks, only noticeable on close very inspection.
7. Great Barely played with. Small marks, barely noticeable. Minor wear to pointed edges (ears, claws, tail tip for example)
6. Good + Kindly Played with condition, May have minor marks and/or scuffs. Wear to pointed edges (ears, claws, hooves etc)
5. Good Played with condition. Noticeable scratched, scuffed. Wear to ears, claws, hooves etc Good for young children and rough play. 
4. Average May have relatively large flaws to the paint. Very noticeable scratched, scuffed. Good for young children and rough play.
3. Below Average Been played with roughly for a extended period of time. Not attractive to the eye.
2. Poor Been played with roughly for a extended period of time. Not attractive to the eye. Damage to base model (missing ear or unable to stand correctly). 
1. Paperweight Doorstop/Paperweight
No other practical use.

With Animal Kingdoms now selling collectible Pre loved Schleich models directly on our website, we have announced our Rarity ratings. This, along with our condition ratings, makes the process of buying our Second hand figures clear and easy. 

Animal Kingdoms Rarity Ratings:
Common - Figures that are common and released over a number of years. Easily found.
Uncommon - Figures that were common but have been retired for a number of years and are becoming increasingly difficult to find.
Rare - Figures that are hard to find due to age, often produced for a very limited number of years.
Epic - Very difficult to find, rarely come up for sale. Often released for only a year and/or limited to one country or store. 
Exclusives - Special Edition Exclusive Schleich, these are usually only produced for one year and the rarity increases over time..
Legendary - Most people are unaware of their existence, extremely difficult to find. Example: The Schleich 75th anniversary white rabbit.


What are rarity ratings:

Animal Kingdoms rates all our second hand Schleich with a rarity rating. This gives our buyers a chance to find out more about their favourite figures.

The rarity rating is based on how rare and difficult a figure is to find. We use a number of factors to assign a rarity.
These are ...
-How long the model was in production for.
-If it was a worldwide release or limited to one country / store / event.
-How long it has been out of production for.
-How hard it is to source.
-If it is a exclusive or special edition product.

For example, the Schleich Zebra Mare 14391 was release in 2009, and retired in 2018. It was readily available worldwide for almost 10 years, and only retired recently. So this would be a rated as a common rarity.
However the Schleich Armadillo 14314 was released in 2003, and retired in 2005. It was available world wide, however only for a short time. So this would be rated a rare figure.Schleich Armadillo 14314

The Schleich 75th Anniversary White Rabbit is an example of a Legendary rarity. The rabbits where only released at a small townparty in Schwäbisch Gmünd - Herlikofen on the 10.07.2010 - They were given to the children to paint themselves. Finding one (let alone unpainted and in excellent condition) is incredibly unlikely.