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Customer service is our highest priority!

We check our emails throughout the day and evening, and aim to always respond quickly, often within minutes.

If you would like phone support you're welcome to call Sue on 027 7495 488 Mon-Fri between 8:30am and 5:00pm New Zealand Standard Time. Outside of these hours please email us or send a text to the above number.

We have a beautiful six year old daughter, so I am not always able to answer my phone. However if you leave a clear message I will respond ASAP, usually within a couple of minutes.

Email: Sales@animalkingdoms.co.nz

Phone: 027 7495 488

 Schleich CollectA Papo being played with

Looking for a specific figure?

If you are hunting for a specific figure, be it rare and retired or a new release that has not yet hit our shores, we can help you find it and bring it into New Zealand.

Just send us a email to start the hunt.