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CollectA Siamese Cat Sitting

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CollectA Siamese Cat Sitting 
CollectA model 88331
Product Dimensions: 3.5 x 2 x 5 cm 
Age: 3 years and up 

The Siamese cat, known for its striking blue almond-shaped eyes, slender body, and short coat with color points on its ears, face, paws, and tail, is one of the oldest cat breeds. Originating from Thailand (formerly known as Siam), this breed is highly social, vocal, and intelligent, often forming a strong bond with their human companions and seeking constant interaction and communication. 

Hand painted and highly detailed. 
Made of durable vinyl. 
Manufactured from a high quality, non-toxic PVC that passes the quality standards for the Australian/NZ toy industry as well as that of USA and Europe. 

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