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National Geographic Crystal Reef Coral Growing Lab

This product is retired

National Geographic Crystal Reef Coral Growing Lab 

Kids will grow crystals on 6 paper coral shapes. The play pattern is the same as our Crystal Garden & Crystal Forest. 

First, kids will color each paper shape using the included watercolor pens. These colors will determine the color of the crystals that grow. 

Crystals begin to develop within minutes and each coral will be fully covered in as little as six hours. 

Also comes with a real geode specimen. 

SCIENCE ANGLE: Kids will learn about crystal growth, the function of coral reefs in nature and the importance of coral reefs to ocean ecosystems. 

  • Each kit will contain 2 Carnation Corals, 2 Staghorn Corals, and 2 Brain Corals. 
  • Package Dimensions: 28 L x 8 W x 30 H cm 
  • Age: 8 years and up 

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