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Playmobil Sal'ahari Sands: Mor'Ghul Mammoth

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Playmobil Sal'ahari Sands: Mor'Ghul Mammoth 

The skeleton army is gathering and with them their most feared weapons: Battle mammoths. These beasts never avoid a fight and are almost unbeatable. Can Gwynn in her new look, still think of an idea how she can stand up to the skeleton army? Incl. many accessories. 

Contents: Figures: 1x skeleton (rider), 1x skeleton (general), Gwynn; Animals: 1x skeleton mammoth; Accessories: 1 saddle, 1 saddle blanket (textile), 1 strap for saddle, 2 torch holders, 2 flames, 2 deco cords for flame holders, 1 quiver, 1 holder for quiver with tips, 6 rubber rings for skeleton mammoth, 1 trunk with holder, 2 horns, 2 fist wedges, 1 chain, 2 chain hand holders, 2 deco pendants for saddle, 1 holder for chain, 1 whip, 2 gauze bandages, 2 bracelets, 1 crossbow, 1 crown, 1 helmet with horns, 1 binoculars, 1 saber, 1 holder for blade, 1 blade, 1 deco pendant for blade holder, 1 label sheet, 1 paper card. 

  • Model No: 71027 
  • Dimensions: 24.7 L x 7.3 W x 18.8 H cm 
  • Number of Pieces: 73pc 
  • Age: 5 years and up 

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