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Safari Ltd Baby Luck Dragon

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Somewhat resembling a puppy both in size and friendliness, a Baby Luck Dragon is nonetheless an untamable creature. All who have seen one are most fortunate, yet no explorer has ever discovered the home of a Good Luck Dragon or succeeded in seeing one a second time.

  • Scientific Name: Draco fortuna
  • Characteristics: With many mammal-like qualities, it’s easy to mistake a Baby Luck Dragon for a pet dog. It’s definitely a dragon, however, as its six legs, scaly body, and long tail attest.
  • Size and Color: Very similar in color to adult Good Luck Dragons, babies have more muted shades of copper and gold in their fur. This figure is 3 ½ inches long and stands 3 inches tall, slightly larger than a deck of playing cards.
  • The Baby Luck Dragon is part of the Dragons collection.
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free.


Lucky Dragons are an old species. They appear in some of the earliest written records of civilization. While the sight of a Lucky Dragon brings lifelong fortune to the viewer, the creatures are notoriously difficult to find. Baby luck dragons, although friendly, have proven even more difficult to sight. It’s thought that their eggs take 100 years to hatch.


The small girl tripped again, falling forward onto her elbows and scraping her knees. It was the third time she’d tripped while climbing this hill. She’d always been clumsy. Her friends said she had bad luck. She climbed on, though, curious about the strange noises she’d heard from high in the rocky hills the night before. She arrived moments later at the mouth of a shallow cave, where an exceptionally smooth rock lay near the opening. She reached to touch it, and suddenly it cracked! It was no rock at all, but an egg. And the creature that leapt out of the broken shell was not like anything she’d ever seen. It was covered in white scales, and it appeared to have golden fur. It had six stubby legs and a long tail. Suddenly, it smiled at her. How strange! Then, in a flash, it was gone. The girl shook her head and ran back down the mountain, only realizing at the bottom that she’d run the entire way without falling once. How odd. Maybe her luck was changing.

  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Size in cm: 9 L x 3.75 W x 7.5 H
  • Size in inches: 3.54 L x 1.48 W x 2.95 H
  • UPC: 609366000046

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