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Schleich Female Bonobo

This product is coming soon to Animal Kingdoms

Schleich Female Bonobo 
Schleich model: 14875 
Product Dimensions: 4 x 4.2 x 6 cm 
Age: 3 years and up 
Estimated NZ release date: Early July 2024  

Female bonobos form strong bonds with each other and often team up to dominate male bonobos within their group. This female-led social structure is unique among great apes and plays a significant role in maintaining peace within their communities. 

Bonobos and chimpanzees are closely related, sharing the same genus, Pan" While they look similar, bonobos are often referred to as the peaceful cousins of chimpanzees due to their more matriarchal and less aggressive society. 

Hand painted and highly detailed. 
Made of durable vinyl. 
Manufactured from a high quality, non-toxic PVC that passes the quality standards for the Australian/NZ toy industry as well as that of USA. 

Auckland Courier$4.90
Rural Auckland Courier$8.90
Rest of North Island Courier$7.90
Rest of Rural North Island Courier$9.90
South Island Courier$8.90
Rural South Island Courier$12.00
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