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CollectA North American Wapiti

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CollectA North American Wapiti 
CollectA model 80021 
Product Dimensions: 12.4 x 9.8 cm 
Age: 3 years and up 
Released in NZ: July 2024 

The North American Wapiti, or Elk, is one of the largest species within the deer family, Cervidae, and is native to North America. These majestic animals are known for their impressive size, with males sporting large, branching antlers that they shed and regrow each year. 

Wapiti are highly sociable and communicative creatures, famous for their loud vocalizations known as bugling. This distinct sound, a combination of deep, resonant tones and high-pitched notes, is most commonly heard during the mating season and serves as a call between males and females. Elks are also known for their remarkable adaptability, thriving in various habitats, from mountain meadows to forest edges. 

Hand painted and highly detailed. 
Made of durable vinyl. 
Manufactured from a high quality, non-toxic PVC that passes the quality standards for the Australian/NZ toy industry as well as that of USA and Europe. 

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