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Sylvanian Families Flora Rabbit Family

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Sylvanian Families Flora Rabbit Family 
Released in NZ: January 2024 

Nolan Flora is a gentle father who loves to make herbal tea. He talks to his plants so much that the children think the flowers can really understand him! 

Aria Flora is a wonderful singer and piano player. She's a teacher at the nursery school — the babies love how kind she is and how much fun they have with her. She can't draw well at all, though! 

Lennon Flora is laid-back and a little clumsy. He loves gardening so much that he'll even water pots that have no seeds in them yet! 

Alice Flora loves nothing more than to look at the grown-ups' book with pictures of the different flowers that grow in the village. She can often be seen out somewhere with her friend Hayden Husky, with the flower book in her hand. She's normally the slow-talking type, but the words tumble out of her mouth when she's talking about flowers. 


  • Theme: Families 
  • Product Code: 5735  
  • Set includes: 4 piece set: Father, Mother, Baby Brother, Baby Brother, and Baby Sister. Also includes a baby stroller and a flower bouquet. The flower and clover on the Rabbit's ears can be swapped with the flowers in the bouquet making aray of different styles. 
  • Approx package dimensions: 20 x 17 x 5 cm 
  • Suitable for ages 3 years + 

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