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CollectA Humpback Whale

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CollectA Humpback Whale 
CollectA Model 88347 
Product Dimensions: 21 x 12 x 5 cm 
Age: 3 years and up 

Humpback Whales are majestic and beautiful creatures that can be found in oceans all around the world. These amazing whales are known for their massive size and for their distinctive songs, which they use to communicate with each other during mating season. Humpback Whales are also famous for their acrobatic displays, which can include breaching, tail slapping, and even spinning in the air. 

These behaviors are thought to be a way of communicating with other whales and attracting mates. Humpback Whales are also known for their incredible migrations, with some populations traveling up to 5,000 miles each year between their feeding and breeding grounds. Despite being one of the largest animals on Earth, Humpback Whales feed mainly on tiny shrimp-like creatures called krill and are gentle creatures that are highly valued for their beauty and majesty.

Hand painted and highly detailed. 
Made of durable vinyl. 
Manufactured from a high quality, non-toxic PVC that passes the quality standards for the Australian/NZ toy industry as well as that of USA and Europe. 

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