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Gravitrax Expansion Bundle

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Introducing our Gravitrax Expansion Bundle.

The GraviTrax Starter Kit is a STEM interactive marble run that allows players to design and build tracks, whilst experimenting with gravity, magnetism and kinetics to explore endless possibilities and infinite creativity.

Mixed all six different Add ons, combined the GraviTrax Starter set and Trax Expansion together to create a extraordinary interactive marble run world.

The GraviTrax Bridges expansion is a pack that can be combined with the GraviTrax Starter and Pro Set.

Create the element of surprise! Bridge track sections! Bypass large gaps with Bridges. Combine the Bridges with your GraviTrax Starter-Set for even more variety by interlinking track sections for really spectacular result

The bundle combines the two extensions to deliver more building materials, height stones and 6 new balls. Thanks to a vertical U-turn, different levels can be connected to each other in a new way. Other elements from the tunnel set allow for an exciting game with the speed. Combined with a GraviTrax starter set, the balls roll slowly, then quickly through the track and sometimes disappear in the tunnel elements. Thanks to a specially shaped Bernoulli splint, the ball gets a lot of momentum. But does she have enough swing to roll over the rails with the hole or fall through and end up in the catcher.

Then you have the six additional Add on Gravitrax. This set contains some of the most popular accessories to expand the amazing Gravitrax runs to the next level of creativity.

- Use the Trampoline to defy gravity, gain momentum, and bounce your marble through the track.
-Propel the marble through your run by adding the Hammer. When triggered, the hammer swings down and hits the marble, giving it momentum to send it on its way.
-Let the ball spin round and round with the Spiral. With different height possibilities, you can configure the Spiral to take the marbles on a dizzying journey from one level to another.
-Propel the action! The Transfer takes your marbles over a breath-taking gap for a spectacular eye-catcher!
-When fully primed the GraviTrax Magnetic Cannon will give the gravity spheres a major boost in speed. If you have to go slightly uphill the Magnetic Cannon will help!
-Trigger the Flip! Transport your marble up a level and fling it in the opposite direction!

This Bundle includes 8 Gravitrax Sets :
SKU: 27623-3 GraviTrax Tunnels Expansion 
SKU: 27601-1 GraviTrax Trax Expansion
SKU: 27621-9 GraviTrax Add on Trampoline
SKU: 27598-4 GraviTrax Add on Hammer
SKU: 27600-4 GraviTrax Add on Magnetic Cannon
SKU: 26156-4 GraviTrax Add on Jumper
SKU: 26838-2 GraviTrax Add on Spiral
SKU: 26060-7 GraviTrax Add on Flip

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