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GraviTrax The Game - Impact

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GraviTrax The Game - Impact 

This hammer-themed game set features 30 challenges with varying levels of difficulty, all including the use of the Gravity Hammer that can be utilized by one or more people. 

The game cards show an example of what pieces to start with and what pieces can be used to complete each challenge. Solutions to each challenge are found in the included solution booklet. Each set includes 30 challenge cards and a variety of base, rail, plate and marble pieces. 

Marble runs have been around for decades, but they've never been this elegant! Welcome to GraviTrax, an entirely gravity-powered, 100%-modular marble run system for the modern age. 

There are three key components: hexagonal Height Tiles (provide elevation), Track Tiles, (which rest on Height Tiles and consist of curves, junctions, and intersections for marbles to travel on), and Track Lengths (which hook into and connect Track Tiles). And, of course, colored marbles to race together! Special Track Tiles, such as the Vortex, Launch Pad, or Magnetic Cannon, provide acceleration and flair to the course. 

Build the track in any configuration desired and let the marbles run wild! Do you want a 3-way race? One long track with crazy twists and turns? Its up to you! 

Please note the Starter Set is required for all expansion sets. 

Contents: 1 instruction and solution booklet, 30 task cards, 6 tutorial cards, 3 hexagonal base plates, 1 starting stone, 1 ball, 1 hammer action stone, 4 large height stones, 7 curves, 1 crossing, 2 long plastic rails, 2 medium-sized plastic rails, 3 plastic rails short, 1 base stone, missions for the base stone: 1 target. 

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