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Playmobil Pirate Ship with Underwater Motor

This product is retired

The Playmobil Pirate Ship with Underwater Motor shoots quickly over the water. The pirate sail inflates vigorously in the wind.

Fortunately, the wind is weighted to the Privateers. They want to put their bagged treasure in the secret hiding place as soon as possible. In order not to be surprised, the pirate bird keeps an eye out for other ships. None is in sight, but they have to hurry. The pirate ship is equipped with an underwater motor (batteries not included) and a fireable cannon.

Contents: 2 pirates, 1 female pirate, 1 parrot, 1 monkey, 2 rats, 1 Pirate ship, 2 cannons, 4 bullets, 1 shelf, 1 treasure map, 1 sextant, 1 compass, 1 bucket, 1 ladle, 1 table, 1 shelf, 2 jugs, 1 glass, 2 daggers, 2 pistols, 1 saber, 1 treasure chest, 1 sack, 1 liquid container, 1 trough, 2 pirate hats, 1 headband, 1 telescope, 1 grappling hook, 2 lanterns
Batteries not included

  • Model No: 70151
  • Approx package dimensions: 35 x 25 x 10 cm
  • Made in 
  • Age: 4 years and up

Auckland Courier$4.90
Rural Auckland Courier$8.90
Rest of North Island Courier$7.90
Rest of Rural North Island Courier$9.90
South Island Courier$8.90
Rural South Island Courier$12.00
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