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Safari Ltd Fairy Dragon

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The Fairy Dragon is a kind and beautiful creature who only appears to those with a good heart. This dragon is a friend to the forest, and despite its kind demeanor, it will fiercely defend and protect all the creatures of nature.

  • Scientific Name: Draco pixus
  • Characteristics: The Fairy Dragon features a benevolent, smiling face and a large, spiraling horn reminiscent of a Unicorn on its head. Its wings are similar to the those of the dragonfly, and its body is covered in dazzling, pearlescent scales.
  • Size and Color: The Fairy Dragon measures 7 ¼ inches tall to the tips of its wings, and is just over 4 inches long. It’s about the size of a large index card. Its body is painted in an array of pastel colors, including pink and teal. Its wings are pastel colored as well, outlined with a dark violet. Its talons and the row of scales on either side of its underside are metallic purple.
  • The Fairy Dragon is part of the Dragons collection
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    The Fairy Dragon appears friendly, and it is…as long as you don’t intend to cause harm to it, or any other innocent creatures. If it feels it is threatened or that it must protect a defenseless animal, this dragon can use its shimmering scales to temporarily blind attackers, while delivering a swift blow from its tail or a kick from its feet.

    These dragons are known to associate with fairies and other mythical folk and magical beasts, always watching over them in case they need protection.

    • Recommended Age: 4+
    • Size in cm: 13.18 L x 6.99 W x 18.42 H
    • Size in inches: 5.19 L x 2.75 W x 7.25 H
    • UPC: 609366001951

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