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Safari Ltd Life Cycle of a Luna Moth

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Safari Ltd Life Cycle of a Luna Moth 

Life stages are approximately 10 days as eggs, 6–7 weeks as larvae, 2-3 weeks as pupae, and one week as adults. As with many other silk moths, Luna Moths do not feed as adults. Males tend to be a lighter shade of green and are slightly smaller than females. Female Luna moths have slender fuzzy antennae. 

Characteristics: Adult luna moths have thick bodies and green wings with a dark border on their forewings. They have an eyespot on each wing to help scare predators and have long curving hindwing “tails.” 

Size and Colour: The newly emerged caterpillars are green, a stark contrast with the brown chrysalis that follows. The finest colors, however, are reserved for the adult Luna Moth whose wingspan reach 3 to 4 inches. 

More Info: Luna moths are special insects that carry a lot of meaning and symbolism. They represent transformation, renewal, and regeneration. When some people spot a luna moth, it could mean that they will soon reunite with an old friend. For others, it's a sign of a fresh start. 

  • Safari Ltd Model 663516 
  • Size in cm: 22.7 L x 19.6 W x 2.5 H cm 
  • The Life Cycle of a Luna Moth is part of the Safariology / Life Cycles collection. 
  • All Safari Ltd products are Non-toxic and BPA free. 
  • Recommended Age: 3+ 
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