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Safari Ltd Parasaurolophus

This product is coming soon to Animal Kingdoms

Safari Ltd Parasaurolophus 
Estimated restock date: October 2023 

Parasaurolophus was one of the largest known ‘duck-billed dinosaurs’ from North America. The tube-like, bony crest on its head may have produced loud trumpeting sounds. This peaceful plant eater walked on four legs most of the time, but could rear up and run on two legs when it was in a hurry. It occupied Canada during the Cretaceous Period about 75 million years ago. 

  • Safari Ltd Model 306029 
  • Size in cm: 18.8 L x 4.3 W x 7 H cm
  • The Parasaurolophus is part of the Wild Safari Prehistoric World collection. 
  • All Safari Ltd products are Non-toxic and BPA free. 
  • Recommended Age: 3+ 

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Rural Auckland Courier$8.90
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South Island Courier$8.90
Rural South Island Courier$12.00
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