Schleich Horses – 15 Piece Set

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Schleich animals promote creativity and a rich imagination. It is one of the most valuable gifts you can give a child. The best part of it is: a child’s creativity as well as their imagination develop almost by themselves with the right playing concepts.

Perfect for in the class room and creating a beautiful learning environment. Create small world play and actively promote your childrens relationships with nature, its diversity and fascination. At the same time, playing with our real, tangible products not only supports children’s fine motor skills, but also trains many other skills important to healthy development. Playful learning always takes center stage with our products – but without letting things get overly “instructive”.

We are proud of all our figures, but especially of their quality and safety. Each individual figure is examined and hand-painted step by step with great artistic skill. Schleich consistently use only absolutely non-harmful raw materials and have them regularly checked and approved by independent laboratories. Even the material suppliers are continuously subjected to strict checks. This means that you buy products which meet all valid national and international requirements.

This set includes the below 15 figures:

SKU: SC13833 Schleich Tennessee Walker Mare
SKU: SC13832 Schleich Tennessee Walker Gelding
SKU: SC13911 Schleich Akhal Teke Stallion 
SKU: SC13912 Schleich American Saddlebred Mare 
SKU: SC13913 Schleich American Saddlebred Gelding
SKU: SC13807 Schleich Mustang Foal
SKU: SC13805 Schleich Mustang Stallion
SKU: SC13806 Schleich Mustang Mare
SKU: SC13808 Schleich Clydesdale Gelding
SKU: SC13809 Schleich Clydesdale Mare
SKU: SC13810 Schleich Clydesdale Foal
SKU: SC13906 Schleich Friesian Mare 
SKU: SC13840 Schleich Pintabian Stallion 
SKU: SC13839 Schleich Pintabian Foal 
SKU: SC13857 Schleich English Thoroughbred Foal 

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